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About The Wedding Cake 

I'm Celia, and I live in Northcliff, Johannesburg with my husband and two grown children. Baking and design have always been my most enduring passions, so it was before my eldest child was born that I took my cake, fondant and sugar craft design courses. 

For more than 30 years I have perfected and honed my craft so that I am able to create the most exquisite cakes and fondant creations. My objective, for the the success of The Wedding Cake, is to craft and design each clients' cake to their wishes. 

I have had to adapt over the years as popular culture and tastes change, conforming people's desires when it comes to cake design. My experience allows me to craft according to the clients' needs, but I also have a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done. If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated wedding cake or a crafted cake for a special celebration, then you have come to the right place. 


What Makes The Perfect Cake?

For the finest, hand-crafted, bespoke, luxury wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and celebration cakes in Gauteng, there can only be The Wedding Cake. All of my cakes are made using the finest ingredients, and exquisitely designed with the best sugar-craft and fondant decor. 

Each order is exclusively made for each client allowing me to devote all my attention to detail. I do not bake or design cakes en masse, as this impacts the quality of the cake. For this reason I have no catalogue, and all the cakes that are on the website's gallery are made according to my customers' strict specifications. 

The perfect cake depends on the tastes and preferences of each person. If you would like a perfect cake for your wedding or birthday, then contact me today! Please click the link below to view the popular cake flavours I create for my clients.


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