How To Display Your Wedding Cake

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You can spend a fortune on a Wedding cake but if you don’t display it to its full potential it can end up being nothing at all and your guests wont even notice it.  It should be the centrepiece and there are several ways to make it look as magnificent as it should.

If the food at your reception is in another room, don’t put the cake in there as well.  Yes, it is food, but cutting the cake is a special ceremony that you should make something of, so put it where everyone can see it. Please: make sure that the cake is not hidden in a corner!

If the cake is to be displayed on its own, make sure the table is big enough for only the cake and the knife. Excess, dull, empty space around the cake is not attractive. 

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Lift the cake off the table by way of a cake plate with a single central foot or a cake plinth (usually in silver) which you can get at wedding hire companies. I have these to hire out myself because I find it easier to work with the sizes I have available. Years ago it was popular to stack a wedding cake with pillars between the tiers which is exactly how my own wedding cake was displayed.  The pillars gave enormous height!  Add to that a plinth of approximately 4 – 5 inches and a topper and you have yourself quite a spectacular centrepiece. 

These days, stacking the tiers directly on top of each other is the most popular choice. This shortens the height considerably so if there is nothing between the table and the bottom tier, your cake is not going to make a very big statement.

Another thing that has become quite popular is using a rectangular table; place the cake in the centre and then have alternatives such as cup cakes, cake pops, biscuits etc., all of which can be decorated to fit in with the wedding theme. This is a really useful idea as you can cater for everyone’s taste, including the children, and it will look exceptionally special. 

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Just recently I did a wedding cake for someone who’s father was the only person who liked fruit cake. The bride had a three tier sponge cake, and an 8” fruit cake to match the wedding cake and cake pops. I suspected the fruit cake wouldn’t be big enough but the bride was happy with her decision. I heard afterwards that the fruit cake went so quickly that the bride’s father almost didn’t get any and everything else went in a flash, and they wished they’d ordered more!

My advice to you is to give this as much consideration as you would give your dress. Order your cake in advance so you have time to chat to me and even change your mind if necessary (understandably, plenty of people do). It’s your special day, perfection is the aim.